F. Cockrell, 161 Rosemont St., Albany NY 12206 (518) 459-1229 cockrell@NYCap.rr.com

Hi,  Everyone -       It’s  Time  for  a  Pair  of

CONN  RANCH  Piano  RECITALS   -   this time  at  5:00 
        on the (hot?) Afternoons  of  Aug. 2 - 3  (Sat. - Sun.)
              And let’s have our  pot-luck supper  around  6:15 

  Conn Ranch is at  1730 Conn Valley Road   [ phone - (707)968-9411 ]
      (off Howell Mt. Rd., off Silverado Trail  at Pope St., St. Helena )

Follow the numbers past Rossi and Greenfield Roads;  look for the Lake on right, 
            and to the left  will be (2nd) Green Gate with 1730 on the post.

                       Cell phones don’t work in this neighborhood, 
   but you can phone our cell  if we are  Out and About:  (518)466-8456

  Repertoire will be  Fun for a Summer’s Evening, and taken from my recitals 
(later Aug.) at Lake George. NY,  and (early Sept.) at Earlham College in Indiana.

‘Hope you can come,  and please feel free  to recommend us to Others you know 
who like this sort of thing.  [Forward this notice!]  They can come With you or Without you ( ! );  our outdoor Amphitheater holds 150!   
The 7’ Hamburg Steinway awaits you!  . . also the  6’ Chickering. 

- Findlay  Cockrell

NB -  Coming  N on the Trail, Do NOT take Conn Dam or Conn Creek.
Wait for Howell Mt. Rd. on right  (a few feet past Pope St. on left).
[ And if you see helicopters near Zinfandel Lane, maybe Nancy Pelosi 
is at her place there. ]

[Please note that I like to perform, and I’m not expensive!]

There will be a section on Rudiments of Music of interest to students and teachers.

We will always post information on performances by yours truly:

• In Albany, New York, and the greater Capital District

• At Conn Ranch, St. Helena, California, in our own outdoor Music Amphitheater (capacity over 100), where I have my 6-foot Chickering and the new 7-foot Hamburg Steinway. [Yes, for six months every May through October no rain falls—outdoors is OK!] and

And there will always be information on the available CDs. So far:

(FC-01) All-Grieg: Sonata, Holberg Suite, selected Lyric Pieces
(FC-02) The Well-tempered Steinway—J.S. Bach: the 24 Preludes from the Well-Tempered Clavier Book I, the four Duets, eight of the two-part inventions, and the three-voice ricercar from the Musical Offering. All on a modern piano, tuned in an unequal temperament of the sort used by Bach
(FC-03) Three American Gs (Gottschalk, Gershwin, Gould)
(FC-04) Introduction to the 19th Century: Seven Pieces or Collections by Weber, Beethoven, and Schubert