F. Cockrell, 161 Rosemont St., Albany NY 12206 (518) 459-1229 cockrell@NYCap.rr.com

Renaissance Musical Arts presents


Louis Lohraseb joins Findlay Cockrell
at UAlbany's P.A.C. Main Theatre on


---- program ----
Brahms–Haydn Variations
Bruckner Symphony #5 Scherzo (arr. Carragan)
(solo) Chopin Ballades #2, #3
Rakhmaninov 2-Piano Suite #2

Admission: General $25 Students $10 Cash or check at the door
Parking in Free Lots on Circle, off Washington Ave. at Dunkin Donuts
Reception follows the concert.

AND – Come to Albany's First Friday program, December 6, 6–9 pm., “Caroling with Findlay
and Friends” Ten Broeck Mansion

AND – Watch Findlay's 2013 Troy Noon Concert video on WMHT – TV
Monday evening, December 23, at 7:30

AND - Mark your calendar for Findlay's Troy Music Hall free Music at Noon
Tuesday, May 13, 2014,

AND - Watch for the new 2-CD set: A Couple of MEN from Eighteen-TEN
[ Who were the two great piano composers born that year? ]


[Please note that I like to perform, and I’m not expensive!]

There will be a section on Rudiments of Music of interest to students and teachers.

We will always post information on performances by yours truly:

• In Albany, New York, and the greater Capital District

• At Conn Ranch, St. Helena, California, in our own outdoor Music Amphitheater (capacity over 100), where I have my 6-foot Chickering and the new 7-foot Hamburg Steinway. [Yes, for six months every May through October no rain falls—outdoors is OK!] and

And there will always be information on the available CDs. So far:

(FC-01) All-Grieg: Sonata, Holberg Suite, selected Lyric Pieces
(FC-02) The Well-tempered Steinway—J.S. Bach: the 24 Preludes from the Well-Tempered Clavier Book I, the four Duets, eight of the two-part inventions, and the three-voice ricercar from the Musical Offering. All on a modern piano, tuned in an unequal temperament of the sort used by Bach
(FC-03) Three American Gs (Gottschalk, Gershwin, Gould)
(FC-04) Introduction to the 19th Century: Seven Pieces or Collections by Weber, Beethoven, and Schubert